stuff i did :)

welcome to sokk blog lmao

im gonna start putting things/movements i care about here

a button that says 'keep the web free, say no to web3', linking to a page about web3
$%&# WEB3

This is just a website to test stuff, code, and share my personal projects!


ocean :)

I just want to say thank you to, for inspiring me with my style of web design, i find the love of something put into an early 2000's web page where you just go on about how much you love something. I find it very nice, and so I want to thank the developer of the website for inspiring me :)

i really want to make an arg. like if you see something strange on here at any time then try exploring. im in a phase(maybe) of which I want to do something where idgaf about of people can or cant understand because i just like the way it looks. I F###ING LOVE LHOHQ AND MARBLE HORNETS AND THE DYATOLV PASS CONSPIRACY SHIT AND ALL OF THAT. i think that when i get this done then i can finnaly move on because my brain wont stop obsessing over this. watch this website become my final effigy and people can watch my downfall LIVE!

Hi, this is my first "blog" post, im just gonna say that this site is going to be the new home of all my personal projects and is a reincarnation of a previous website i made but now im just working on secret videos, hidden pages, user submitted portions, and an all arround site hub!

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